Hi, you beautiful, smart human! Rachel here.

So listen, I'm a type 7 on the Enneagram scale which means I am always seeking the next adventure and/or looking for trouble to get into. Basically, I've got a shit ton of stories to share and a sarcastic tone in which to tell them in. I was made for podcasts. 

With a couple of brave friends, you can find me on Apple Podcasts and Spotify giving you a lot of information about everything you may or may not have asked for. It's always a good time.

the lowdown on the podcasts

Let's face it... Owning a business is typically more brutal than brilliant. Effed Up Successes is a podcast where hosts Linnie and Rachel share tips, tricks, and the messy in-between about entrepreneurship and the path to success littered with hilarious failures. 


effed up