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Your planning journey is just as unique as your love story. This is why you aren't looking for a "one size fits all" approach to guiding you through what is meant to be a memorable, incredible and everlasting experience. When you're looking for someone to manifest your dream day, we are here to listen to your desires and create an unparalleled experience from start to finish. What service level is right for you? 

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When the details matter and you want to feel like your waived a magic wand and your dreams appeared in front of you, our full service planning and design service is the concierge you didn't know existed. If you ever question, "does my wedding planner do that?" the answer is yes, we most definitely do. Because this is such a momentous occasion, you get 2 full lead planners co-creating the weekend of your dreams and making sure every detail from big to small is cohesive, impressive and exactly what you wanted.

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You've got the time, the motivation and the vision to build your big day from the ground up. Now what?  More than just a coordination service, we consult with you and let you pick our pro brains to gather all the information you need to make educated and informed decisions. We will steer you out of trouble and help you elevate your already impressive plans.

Management & Consult


You've got the time, the motivation and the vision to build your big day from the ground up. Now what? Event Management and consultation allows us to help you tie up those loose ends, guide you into better wedding decisions allowing you to enjoy happily ever after knowing you have a dream team behind your plan putting it all together seamlessly.

Management & Consult


What's 10x the fun but 10x the work? A destination wedding can be a magical experience that transports you and your guests to far off lands and fabulous locales. Whether planning a wedding in a chateau in the south of France,  a castle in Italy or a truly exclusive Balinese sunset ceremony, The One Moment Events has not only the travel experience but the ability to communicate and design with some of the most talented creatives from across the globe. If you're more Paris than Prairie, more hotel than hometown and more off the beaten path than all-in-one box, a destination dream wedding is for you. With our expertise, we will help you figure out the "where do we start?" and then get to the "what's next?". We'll see you on the tarmac.

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Thank you for taking a few moments of your day to spend with us. We specialize in soulful celebrations with a unique and dreamy aesthetic, for the most interesting lovers in the room (that's you!) to the corporate client looking to plan a uniquely special celebration, we would be honored to help you design your dream.

To service our clients with the utmost amount of love, time, and attention, The One Moment Events Co. only accepts a limited number of clients per year. To confirm availability of your date, see if we are a good fit and a complimentary consultation, please inquire below.

Our Event Management Services begin at $5000 and our services range in price according to scope. If for whatever reason, we aren't a good fit, we are happy to refer you to our extensive network of pro planners across the globe.

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We are currently reserving a limited number of dates for 2024 & 2025

You like the way we work it? No diggity. 

Or in non-90s speak: Send us a message and tell us all about your love story and what you've been dreaming and pinning. We want to create an experience uniquely yours, reflecting who you are as both individuals and a couple. Celebrating the most interesting lovers in the room is our way of life.

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