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Planning your dream day shouldn't involve copy and pasting colors from the internet now should it be a stressful experience. We believe each wedding should be planned with intention and love - bespoke from start to finish. We believe that elevated experiences don't have to be stuffy and beautiful design should be approachable and welcoming. We believe in a collaborative approach so no personal touch is missed. We can't wait to tell your story and plan your happily ever after.

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The One Moment Events offers a variety of mentorship programs ranging from 1 hour phone or Skype calls to answer burning questions you have about the event industry or your own business struggles to in-person meetings to review your business plan, strategies and marketing and shadow on event day to watch problem solving, design and production and wedded bliss happen in real time. 

We are currently reserving mentorship spots for Q2 2023.




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The team at The One Moment Events is always looking for more talent to share our love for planning and design with. With our continual growth, we have a variety of positions open from behind the scenes admin work to running the production of an event. The One Moment Events is looking for vibrant personalities with a touch of humor and a passion for making sure our clients have the best and least stressful day ever.

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