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for planners looking to level up

Now that you're ready to grow your business, double your income while working smarter & less and hire an A-team, you have to figure out where to start! In this course you will get access to our thorough guide that shows you how to find your ideal team member, train them, sell them to your client and make them an integral and automated part of your business! 

Building your a-team

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A structured, seamless workflow for event management!! If you're on the struggle bus with organizing your systems, workflow and are doing WAY more work than you need to be for your event management clients, you probably don't have an efficient system in place! Our all-in-one course & templates are an easy way to book more event management clients and keep them stream-lined and simple! 

course two

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Intentional, bold, beautiful design that allows you to focus on the fun without doing 100 extra steps! Are you frustrated when your clients don't want to bring your beautiful dream vision to life? Are you struggling with how to approach design and sell it successfully? Do you want to take your clients to that next level editorial-worthy level? Our guide & design templates are for you! 

course three


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Full service say what?! If you are READY to book more full service clients but you don't know how to market to them or even what to do with them when you get them, this is for you!! We will take you through our full service planning structure & guidance, give you our full service templates and set you on the track for big, beautiful, bountiful events! 

course four


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need a more hands on experience?

Have you just started your business and are struggling to know where to go or how to market yourself, find clients and be the absolute best investment for your clients? The One Moment Events offers a variety of mentorship programs ranging from 1 hour phone or Skype calls to answer burning questions you have about the event industry or your own business struggles to in-person meetings to review your business plan, strategies and marketing and shadow on event day to watch problem solving, design and production and wedded bliss happen in real time.