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September 5, 2018

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  1. Finn says:

    Oh my goodness I loved reading this… wonderful advice …

  2. Ashton says:

    People love to sit back and mock people who fight for their dreams and get out there and hustle, unapologetically. This is a great celebration for those who need encouragement and love as they think about moving on up.

    • Rachel Rice says:

      YES girl!!! Some of the most successful, talented, incredible people I know are being held back by that stupid little voice telling them they aren’t enough. THAT VOICE IS AN ASSHOLE AND NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!!!

  3. Candice says:

    These are great tips. I hustle so hard and i so appreciate this!

  4. Lauren says:

    This is beautifully done. I love your writing voice ❤️ and great points!

  5. tasha says:

    I’m literally screaming yes yes yes! You nailed everything that the small voice in my head is telling me!

  6. Marie says:

    Wow! Great Read!

  7. Kate Lynn says:

    I listen to Tony Robbins too! Art of Charm and Happier with Gretchen Rubin are great podcasts to look into. Great read!

  8. Tricia says:

    This seriously spoke to me deep in my soul today. I definitely need to go out and purchase a journal to keep at my bedside.

  9. Audrey says:

    "The American dream is not dead, it’s just waiting for someone to come along and give it CPR."… LOVE THIS!!!!

  10. Lindsay says:

    I love the journal idea!! Write those dreams and ideas down!!

  11. I forwarded this to my husband for us to talk about together. Thanks so much!!!

  12. Kathy says:

    This is really good! I’m definitely stuck and not realizing dreams

  13. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Love love love. Gratitude journal starting ASAP! And by ASAP i mean tonight. Keep these awesome blogs coming. As for putting away hot dishes, not gonna happen. You haven’t seen my hot potato dance with wine glasses that end up with me sweeping hard wood floors. 😉

  14. Tracy says:

    Wow… just wow! This is so good, so inspiring! Your writing is exceptional, and I loved every word! 🙂

  15. Fran says:

    There are so many great tips here! I love the selection of images form Unsplash, so many amazing artists!

  16. Raina says:

    This was absolutely inspiring!! I love all the wonderful tips! I am definitely going to start a Gratitude journal.

  17. Didi says:

    Beautiful Rachel!! You hit me square between the eyes with this one – thanks for keeping the padded gloves off! I’ll write you that check but my deal will include Bear!! Ha! Ha!

  18. Peggy says:

    This was awesome Rachel and wonderfully written! Straight to my heart. I forwarded it to Øystein as well… I just sent him to Tony Robbins in person last week. I really need to just send him across the street 😂 . Well done Rachel – keep en coming. We are subscribing. ❤️

  19. Rosanna Smith says:

    This was great! You realize I was reading this instead of just doing that thing I need to be doing! LOL!! Time well invested. Now back to my things! 😀 Oh wait, Squirrel! ahahaha

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