Vicky & Craig – Destination Mexico Wedding

May 7, 2018

Destination Wedding, Mexico

  1. Renee says:

    Rachel, this wedding is AMAZING!! I love that you got to have this experience in Mexico, and kudos to you for throwing together those bouquets! I would have never known! Gorgeous wedding, from start to finish! Also, seriously crushing on that flat lay image. Fabulous!

    • Rachel Rice says:

      Thank you thank you!! There were actually SO many more crazy things that happened that day behind the scenes that we had to deal with (They almost forgot to get tequila for the signature cocktail – margaritas, the dj didn’t download the slideshow properly and had to leave the property and go back to his house to get a solid wifi connection while I desperately tried to use my hotspot to download them for him, they played the wrong entrance song, the horses that were supposed to run across the ceremony took longer than usual, the lighting company didn’t provide enough lights even though during setup I said we needed signficantly more, the florist actually threatened to remove all the centerpieces because they somehow didn’t get the final payment, the cake baker somehow lost their order and luckily scrounged enough together the day of to get there with enough dessert for everyone) amongst many other details BUT in the end it was an absolutely magical day and several guests came up to me telling me how much fun they had and how it was one of the best wedding days!!

  2. Lindsay Bishop says:

    I just love all of the details that went into this! The invitation suite is stunning, and the papel picado table numbers are perfection! It’s not about what goes wrong, but how you fix it and it sounds like you did an awesome job thinking on your feet! Hopefully, you got to spend an extra day laying on the beach with margaritas to decompress afterwards haha.

    • Rachel Rice says:

      Cathleen did a phenomenal job on the invitation suite as I knew she would!! She is totally a master! The papel picado table numbers I actually made and brought with me in my suitcase! Ha! Thank you thank you, Sunday I was definitely in a vegetative state by the pool for the bulk of the day. Although what better place to have a wedding hangover than by the pool in Mexico??

  3. Tiffany Learned says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done!

  4. DeNeitra says:

    LOOOOVE everything about this! I was married in Mexico and absolutely love everything about it. The fact that you were able to throw together the bridesmaids bouquets is seriously impressive. Your attention to detail is always spot on. Great job, Rachel!

    • Rachel Rice says:

      Ahh! Amazing!! Where in Mexico were you married? It’s one of my favorite places. There is so much to do in so many parts of the country. I’m trying to make it a habit of going back to Mexico City once a year since that city is so colorful, vibrant and FULL of amazing tacos!!!

  5. Keneshia says:

    This wedding is stunning ! all of the little details make it perfect. The ceremony made me think of the Catholic church in Jamaica that sits on the beach.

    • Rachel Rice says:

      Thank you thank you!!! That’s exactly what the bride was going for, she wanted to bring the church to the beach and I think it worked out perfectly!

  6. You all did an amazing job on this Mexico Wedding, it’s beaut! I’m in love with the ring box and the pool flotillas. I remember giving the last bridesmaid the Universal cue (haha!!) and then the flowergirl steps up with an empty basket! Great thing we were standing beneath a pine, impromptu at it’s finest. 🙂 Enlightenment on the potential mishaps of "planning" a destination wedding is always necessary to hear. Kudos to you, this is fabulous!

    • Rachel Rice says:

      Thank you thank you!!! Ah! I’ve definitely had flower girls go rogue and dump their baskets before haha! The crazy behind the scenes is the stuff we live for I guess and a big part of why we are there!

  7. I love that you bring up that a destination wedding may be an easy way to get away from the stress, because it truly comes with its own challenges and hurdles! I was a destination bride myself and it truly is such a unique experience!

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